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“Root Cause” Follow Up

After my last blog post I received some great encouraging responses as well as some vicious ones. I was referred to as Hitler and a manipulative monster, as well as being threatened to have my license to practice revoked. Though I’ve clearly done nothing that would warrant my license being revoked, it was a little sad to know people are so willing to try to use such scare tactics. I asked in my blog post as well as in my response to these individuals if they would share some studies that disputed my findings, I received no response on that front. There were a few names thrown out in these comments including Dr. Thomas Levy and Dr. Jerry Bouquot, both of which I have reached out to via email to discuss their thoughts on this matter. I received an email with several sources and information from Dr. Bouquot, who was also kind enough to be willing to discuss this via phone. I’m excited to read the information he has sent, and I look forward to talking to him about all his research. I do insist on having reputable sources to cite, which I feel he has provided. I don’t want to participate in pseudoscience. I will of course discuss all of this in a future blog post.

Another interesting topic brought up in these comments was ozone therapy. I’m very interested in learning more on this topic. I asked for the individuals that mentioned it if they would be willing to share their experience with me, in hopes of learning more. I received no response to that request either. (I do plan to ask Dr. Bouquot about his experience with ozone therapy when I speak with him.) I’ve started researching this topic, and I hope that will be my next topic on the blog. I would like to add that I received a personal email questioning the use of amalgam restorations and the possible link with mercury toxicity. This will also be a future topic on the blog.

Though I prefer intelligent science-based conversations, I still appreciate the comments and emails I have received. I hope that in the future these comments will be more constructive, so that we can all learn from each other. I welcome all contrasting points of view, as I am still learning daily. We have come a long way when it comes to science. For instance, I just recently discovered that 1% of the population has partial or complete inborn resistance to HIV. If we continued to follow the old science from years ago, we would still be bloodletting and performing lobotomies. Though this is not dental related it is a clear example of how times change, and we continue to learn through science.

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